Speak to right customers with the right message, in the right tone, at the right time

Keep your wheels rolling on

Sell without Stress

works on facts gathered by “market and customer first” approach. Concept is suitable for almost any type of product and market.

Our dedicated marketing team will focus on creative, branding and promotional strategies.


Because many small businesses don’t have the expertise – or even need – we will handle marketing sales duties as part of our responsibilities

We are expert in providing projections to estimate which products will sell where and in what amounts.

We guide the development of products and services. They recommend modifying or dropping products or services or adding new ones to the company’s mix, based on what customers want

We appoint and develop intermediaries such as wholesalers, distributors or retailers.

To maintain your customer base, we take responsibility for making sure buyers are happy, as well as trying to upsell them.

We decide which publications to advertise in, which TV, radio or websites are best for promoting the company’s products or services, and what contests, giveaways, discounts or other marketing methods will help it boost sales.

El Rohi is doing both traditional marketing as well as Digital Marketing. In simple word we are doing offline marketing and on line marketing to reach the customers. We have integrated both the marketing to get more benefits.