Marketing your products through Integrated Marketing Partnerships.

Are you looking for new ways to get your business in front of customers?

Here’s an best option for you - partnership marketing -effective way for your small and medium business to reach new customers and ultimately grow in size and profits.


Do you struggle with your marketing efforts?

Do you struggle with your sales efforts and sales team?

Do you struggle with limited source of money or resources to grow your business?

Do you struggle with a ‘one man show’?


Partnership marketing with EL ROHI can be a cost-effective way for small and medium businesses to increase brand awareness, break into new markets and add extra value to products/services

Partnership marketing is the only marketing method that commonly creates sudden, drastic results

Our partnership marketing is based on the simple concept of third party marketers.

You are the manufacturer of the products and we are the marketers of the products

Our service can inherently save you time, money, and other resources — in a few different ways:

  • More reliable forecasting leads to better inventory management
  • Repeated, scheduled purchases allow for streamlined transactions
  • Focus on retaining high-quality customers, not acquiring mass amounts of one-off consumers

By working with El Rohi to promote your brand,business partnership marketing brings a number of benefits.

It’s Cost-Effective

your marketing efforts are more cost-effective and efficient, as you are effectively getting your man power without any expense of traditional forms of marketing.

EL ROHI offers Integrated Marketing Partnership modules consists of 

Distribution Marketing Partnership 

Added Value Marketing Partnership 
Sponsorship Marketing Partnership